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Installing Christmas lights

November 22nd, 2009 at 05:33 am

As I was driving to my class this morning in a nearby city, I saw a sign hanging on one of the light poles. "Christmas lights installed, call xxx-xxx-xxxx".

I'm sure it's not a new service, but I don't recall seeing it offered before. It made me wonder if the person offering the service brainstormed different ways to earn income because they are out of work, or if it's something they do every year to make a little extra income for holiday spending. Would they get any calls? Is there really a need for this kind of service?

I often think things like that when I see services offered that I wouldn't ever consider hiring someone to do. And then I realize that the service exists because someone perceived a need for that service. If the service persists, there is a definite need. For this service, there are probably a lot of people that like the decorations, but HATE the actual decorating, so they probably will get some calls. I hope so. I like to see creative ideas succeed.

While I'm on the topic, another creative idea that I've heard a roofing company advertise is an annual maintenance contract. I don't recall the annual amount, but for their service they will come inspect your roof once a year and look for problems that need to be addressed. They'll also clean your gutters "for free", but I don't know if that's once a year or twice a year. Is it a gimmick or a legitimate need? I'm not sure, but I thought it was an ingenious service offering. Do you really need someone to inspect your roof every year? Probably not, but maybe it's not such a bad idea in an area that often has high winds and a sprinkling of tornadoes. And it's much cheaper to fix the source of a leak than it is to repair the inside damage after a leak starts, right? And then, the gutter cleaning is thrown in "for free". So, I thought it was a smart, creative idea, even if I would personally never purchase it.

Well, that's my deep, rambling thoughts for the day. Or, it might be all I come up with for the weekend.

oh, except for the good news that I sold one item on eBay (under $5, still waiting for payment...) and have bids on 4 more. With 14 items that I listed, that's less than 50%, so I hope a little more activity happens tomorrow!

3 Responses to “Installing Christmas lights”

  1. frugaltexan75 Says:

    I've seen the Christmas lights idea mentioned in various places as a good way to earn extra money. Usually I think it is the higher income people who have more money than time and want their home "classy" decorated that hire people to do it. At least I know of several "high income" families who hire it out.

    The roof service - that probably would be a good idea for people who don't own a good ladder to get up there and check it themselves/clean their own gutters - depending on cost.

    I hope your ebay items all sell! Smile

  2. HouseHopeful Says:

    I actually think the Christmas lights service is a good idea. My friends were saying that the trees in their yard are too large to decorate themselves anymore and they were going to start doing lights on the house. This brought up a discussion of how to safely do lights on the roof (they have a 2 story house). Having someone with the right ladders and experience might make it worth it for them this year. My guy friend might even learn some tips and tricks so he could do it by himself next year.

  3. Analise Says:

    I saw a sign for installing Christmas lights near my house recently... I had not seen it in years past. It's a good idea for the folks who need the help and can afford it, not to mention for the enterprising person who has the business. If we were not living in a condo, we might think of doing it. It was such a chore before we downsized!

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