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Laser hair removal

September 5th, 2009 at 01:03 pm

AKSaves entry got me thinking about personal grooming and an ad that one radio station is airing now. In the ads, the morning show announcer (a female) is gushing about how laser hair removal can save you so much time, and she is well on her way to becoming "hair-free". The other announcer (a male) teases her sometimes by calling her Hairy. Supposedly, the time savings is from not having to mess with razor or creams or waxing or anything. It also will save you from embarrassment when you are wearing shorts or a skirt and realize you forgot to shave.

I don't know what the laser hair removal treatments cost, but logic tells me they are probably not cheap.

How much time do you really spend shaving that could make it worth it? I don't think I spend more than 15-30 minutes a week. I just grab a razor in the shower and it's done while my hair is conditioning.

Maybe if I lived in a beach area, my answer would be different. Or, if I had some type of hormonal or glandular problem that gave me a female mustache, I would do it. But just for normal, everyday life, I just can't see it.

(As I said this, a vision of a kid I knew in my 20's popped up. It was a guy and he had hair on his nose, dark noticeable hair. He was a nice guy, and I always felt bad for him. I hope he does laser hair removal!)

3 Responses to “Laser hair removal”

  1. AKSaves Says:

    Yeah probably not worth it. Those commercials make it sound like shaving is comparable to brain surgery.

    REALLY not that complicated.

  2. monkeymama Says:

    Actually, I have pretty thick, dark hair, and I would LOVE to get laser hair removal. Love love love. I can remove all the hair, but it's not always comfortable, and it's not always fun. & it does take a lot of TIME (which is what is valuable to me).

    Yeah, my friend was saying she forgot to shave but no one could tell. Um yeah, I wish!! LOL. I just wear pants a lot, but in summer, shaving becomes such a chore. Though if I got laser treatments, I'd go for the underarms and bikini. Eyebrows, upper lip. Chin. The list is long!

    All that being said, my understanding is that there is concerns about the safety of long-term hair removal. So I figure I will deal with it. (I forget precisely what the concerns are).

    As for me, by the time I could probably justify it financially I am not sure I will care. I'll be too old - I'll have more pressing beauty concerns I am sure. Wink

  3. whitestripe Says:

    hmmm - i have always been interested in it for the same reasons as monkeymama - but no one can ever tell me the total cost of it! so i don't even bother researching it, i figured it must be expensive because you dont hear people saying how cheap it is Big Grin
    i spend about 5 minutes, three times a week shaving so i guess it is not that much of a chore - i would do it less but we live in a tropical climate and i'm usually in a skirt or shorts.

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