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Anyone take fish oil?

August 5th, 2009 at 03:30 am

My latest health risk assessment showed that, even though I've lost some weight, my cholesterol is up, triglycerides are up, and blood pressure up slightly. It was suggested that I might try fish oil, I think to bring the triglycerides down. So, I was wondering, does anyone here take fish oil pills?

I looked at 2 different kinds at Walgreens. Nature's Bounty (or maybe it was Nature's Finest) is buy-1-get-1-free this week. I think the smallest bottle was something like 9.99 or 10.99. It would be roughly 400 pills. I don't remember the exact details, but it mentioned they are coated to aid digestion and alleviate "fish burps". Oh, yum. The other kind was just the "W" brand, and with a coupon, it would be about the same price. It didn't say anything about a special coating.

Has anyone tried either of these brands? Any fish-y problems?

3 Responses to “Anyone take fish oil?”

  1. my english castle Says:

    I take the stuff from Trader Joe's. No fish burps that I can recall.

  2. cylenchar Says:

    I tried several different brands. I didn't have fish burp problems with any of the pills, I think as long as you don't take the liquid fish oil, that would not be a problem.

  3. ladymiller Says:

    Yes, I take fish oil. I buy Nature Made 1200 Fish oil. I take two per day. Usually on sale Buy 1 get 1 at Walgreen's, Cvs, Meijer, etc. I use coupons and then enter codes on each bottle at their website for a great $7.00 off coupon.

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