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Dreamed I met Ima! Hilarious!!

July 12th, 2009 at 02:58 pm

This is just too funny. I had many, many oddball dreams last night. In one of them, we were at some type of gathering and I left the table for awhile. When I came back, my husband said he'd sold one of our dogs but bought something in return from the lady - a ferret! Once I got over the "what were you thinking" shock, I looked at the check he had, and it was signed Julie something-or-other and it was stamped in red words or maybe it was a background on the check that said "Ima Saver". So, then I was all curious who she really was, and made him point her out to me. She was in the back of the room, was tall with short hair and glasses, and had a pretty scarf around her neck that went with her outfit.

So, Julie, are you tall? Do you have glasses? Short hair? Wear scarves? Often sell ferrets to people that don't need them? Smile

I can't imagine where in my brain this dream emerged from, and we don't even live in the same part of the country, but I came up with the following possibilities:
1) We went to an auction yesterday (a gathering of people)
2) There was a lady with a Capuccian (sp?) monkey there (not a ferret, but not a "normal" pet either)
3) Hubby bought too many things, considering we are short on money (this is most definitely where the "what were you thinking" sub-conscious anger came into the dream!)
4) I read these blogs just before going to bed last night, and Ima Saver's was one of the last I read.

My other dreams are not quite as memorable, although there was one where I went back to visit people at my old company, and made some pretty rude comments to the guy at the front desk about getting laid off. He was nothing more than a security guard, the poor guy, and had nothing to do with the decision not to continue my employment into this year.

My analysis of this one is pretty straightforward:
1) DH & I talked yesterday about checking in with them to see if they'd thought about contracting any work out again.
2) Our financial situation stinks and it is directly related to not having this job anymore, as the one I have now doesn't pay nearly as much as the old one did and which our bills fit.
3) I still have some anger or disappointment over the whole situation.
4) In order not to burn bridges, I never vented my anger with the people responsible for the decisions. I tried to handle it all professionally, although I never took it out on the poor security guard!!

Whew! What a busy night!!

4 Responses to “Dreamed I met Ima! Hilarious!!”

  1. Ms. Pearl Says:

    How interesting, I can't wait to see what Ima says! I had a dream about a coworker a few weeks ago. She is in her early forties but I dreamed she had a baby boy and that she was very unhappy about it. I was going to adopt it from her and pick it up at work! I told her my dream and she was shocked because just a few days before she found out her 19 year old son and his girlfriend are expecting their 2nd child (they already have a 1 year old) Well, she was not happy when she first found out. ODD! And I didn't know anything about her son and his girlfriend!

    A week ago I had another dream about this same nurse, I dreamed she replaced me in the morning but that she ended up fainting in the nurses station before she took over...I told her this the other day when she replaced me (unexpectedly...she doesn't work on my unit often) Well, today she told me that she has been dealing with fainting spells the last 4 months...again I didn't know this. She is not a close friend of mine.

    Life is strange sometimes...I think we know more than we give ourselves credit for!

  2. Ima saver Says:

    Well, Liza, I am glad to have met you in your dream. I am short, 5'2" and have long blond hair! I never wear scarves either and have no ferrets. But that is very funny!

  3. ceejay74 Says:

    How funny! I had a dream I met Ima too, about a year ago I think! I can't remember what you were meant to look like, but I remember you had this big house with lots of guest rooms, fridges full of Mountain Dew and closets full of towels. Oh, and big sheds out back in a massive yard, one of them all full of shoes! Not sure what that dream was about, LOL.

  4. Ima saver Says:

    Well, ceejay, I do have a pretty big house. I also do have a large stockpile of diet sprite (I bought it on sale), but I only have a total of about 10 pairs of shoes, some of them 20 years old (heels)

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