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Simple pleasures

July 11th, 2009 at 05:14 am

I've decided that I must be pretty easy to please. Aside from all the negative things that have been happening financially, I took simple pleasure in the past few weeks from:

1) a 25 cent teddy bear I bought at Walgreens to put on my desk at work. He makes me smile, so it was worth a quarter.

2) $2 shoes that I bought at the thrift store. I needed a better pair of black shoes for work. I tried on several different pairs, but none fit right. Then I saw this one other pair that wasn't my normal style. Kind of like clogs, because they have no back to them. Thick soles, sort of platform like, but not real tall. They were not my normal "style", if I really have one, but it felt like I was standing on a big thick cushion. They are the best!!! The comfort sold me totally, especially since my heel has been sore lately, either from a stone bruise or heel spur. I've worn them almost every day since at work and they are GREAT!!

3) a nickel I found on the ground at a quick shop. It was under the counter, sort of, where someone must have dropped it. One lousy nickel, the first money I've found in a month! But it made my day that day.

4) a free heart health screening. I paid for one of these back a few months ago, and then I saw a local hospital is having a free one at the end of the month. They measure height, weight, cholesterol, blood pressure, etc. This will be super, since I've been dieting and really trying to improve my eating habits (okay, except for the last week or so). I might try to lie to myself, but the numbers won't. I know the scale is down close to 9 pounds since I did the last screening. What I'm so interested to find out is whether I have improved my cholesterol levels, which were running a little high. They just HAVE to be better. I went from eating a lot of junk food to eating 2-3 fruits a day, cutting out a lot of starchy foods, and eating fresh veges more. Three more weeks to go until the screening. I hope to be down three more pounds by then, and I hope to see some improvements in all the measurements.

Wish me luck!!

3 Responses to “Simple pleasures”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    Good luck!

  2. Ms. Pearl Says:

    Good luck...glad you are feeling serene. Good for you with your health! Keep us updated.

  3. dmontngrey Says:

    Good for you! Good luck!

    You sound so much like me in this respect! I have a lot of silly little things that make me smile, but for some reason that makes people think I'm hard to please?? My MIL goes out of her way to find the "perfect" gifts for me. Doesn't she understand the vintage pyrex she found at a rummage sale was the best present she ever gave me? My mom gave me a little dollar store bug catcher as a joke gift last weekend, but I came home with it full of grasshoppers to feed my anole. It made ME happy!

    I really do enjoy things so much better when I know I got them for free with coupons. I think it's great to be pleased by such simple things in life.

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