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Goals 1/2 accomplished, but don't check the math

February 19th, 2009 at 04:44 am

Well, of my 10 goals for today, I didn't do so well.

[x] Listed 9 items on ebay, instead of 10.
[x] Cancel phone service to my old business line.
[x] Advertise our puppies for sale, at least on one website
[x] Freecycled a few odds & ends

I blame it on my internet connection or my old desktop computer. S-L-O-W!!!! I did check with the phone company, but DSL is still not available in our area. I really doubt it will be, like ever. None of the neighbors are interested (lots of Amish), so it's just ME!

My list for tomorrow (some deja vu!):
[ ] List 2 more ebay items
[ ] update dog listings on our own website
[ ] list puppies on another 2 pet sits
[ ] Update listing and reduce price on our 6-month old puppy that had surgery. She has a scar but is otherwise good as gold.
[ ] Set up my new crosscut shredder, to free up the old non-crosscut for listing on ebay.
[ ] Send in rebates for free gloves for purchase of Rotella oil. I put my name on the form today, but that's it!
[ ] send in Purina weight circles to get $70 in checks back to use on future purchases.
[ ] cancel DH's health insurance. This is scary, but we can't afford it right now, and it will just be until insurance kicks in at my new job on 4/1. He has some coverage thru the VA, but his regular insurance went up to $778 per month! We'll keep mine in force, since it's a lot cheaper. I'm in better health, but I take care of the animals so there is more risk involved for me daily.
[ ] call my mother!
[ ] update Microsoft Money for last few days

DH doesn't want to advertise the beagle yet, in case someone in the area lost it. So, we'll wait on that.

My back hurts from sitting hunched over this computer almost all day. If I'm lucky enough to sell the 9 ebay items I listed, I might make $2 an hour!! I do it for the fun of it though, right? LOL

1 Responses to “Goals 1/2 accomplished, but don't check the math”

  1. LuxLiving Says:

    You're making headway. Don't sit too long at the computer, we don't want you to throw a clot!

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