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February 18th, 2009 at 05:11 pm

Last week I was on a roll finding money in 5's ($5 one day, and then nickels). I'm doing better this week, now it's in 10's...unfortunately, not $10, but I did find a dime yesterday and a dime in CVS on Sunday. Actually yesterday the dime I found was only because I saw a few pennies on the ground first. I was at a scrap metal place with DSS and while he was unloading I spotted a few pennies. I felt weird, but I hopped out of the truck and picked them up. I got back in and studied what I thought might be a dime from about 10 feet away, but I wondered if they'd say something to me if I hopped out again and picked it up. Curiosity got the best of me when I had to get out to go give them my license, so I walked over to it. Sure enough, it was a dime. I picked it up and got back in the truck. Didn't I then see another penny right near the first two? I was starting to be embarrassed about my scroungy ways so I drove off & left it! LOL

DSS reimbursed me $10 for gas from his $270 haul. I wasn't really expecting it, so I guess that was my third "10" this week.

I came home to a $26.51 check from ebates for a few purchases last year, plus a $10 signup bonus and a $10 holiday bonus. (More 10's!!). I love ebates. I don't do a lot of online shopping so it accumulates slowly, but it's money I wouldn't have had otherwise. (see link on my sidebar for a more info...)

I've set some goals for today, and they are almost all related to money. I want to complete this list...we'll see how far I get. These are in no particular order.

[ ] List 10 items on ebay
[ ] Cancel phone service to my old business line. I won't need it with my new job.
[ ] Advertise our puppies for sale
[ ] Update listing and reduce price on our 6-month old puppy that had surgery. She has a scar but otherwise good as gold.
[ ] Advertise the beagle that showed up in our yard (FREE to good home). He's such a cutie but I know we can't keep him!
[ ] Freecycle a few odds & ends
[ ] Set up my new crosscut shredder, to free up the old non-crosscut for listing on ebay.
[ ] Send in rebates for free gloves for purchase of Rotella oil.
[ ] send in Purina weight circles to get $70 in checks back to use on future purchases.
[ ] cancel DH's health insurance. This is scary, but we can't afford it right now, and it will just be until insurance kicks in at my new job on 4/1. He has some coverage thru the VA, but his regular insurance went up to $778 per month! We'll keep mine in force, since it's a lot cheaper. I'm in better health, but I take care of the animals so there is more risk involved for me daily.

I think that's it. That's 10 things, and the day is almost half over and I've done none of them. Wish me luck!

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  1. Ima saver Says:

    Good luck and great on finding the change. I always pick up change on the ground.

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