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Weekly grocery update times 4

February 14th, 2009 at 03:05 am

I've still been keeping track of my spending on groceries, dog food & household supplies by the week, but I haven't blogged about it.

The week ending 1/24 was a 41% savings week. For $188 worth of things, I saved $77, and spent $111 for the week. A little over half was dog food, and the rest was groceries & household.

The week ending 1/31 was a 30% savings week. Total before coupons was $153, and savings was $46, so I only spent $107. A little improvement, although 2/3 of that was on groceries and household.

The first week in February I spent $120 for the week after saving $93 with coupons. That's a 44% savings, since the total before coupons was $213! Wow!

I don't think I can wrap up this week yet since we are almost out of milk, bread, and a few other things. So far, I've spent $93 for the week, so I'm hoping to keep the bill $7 or under tomorrow. We do need another bag of dog food soon, but I'm going to try to put that off until Sunday or Monday, so it will be on next week's total. I don't think I have any coupons to use either.

The average per week is $103.85, so I'm doing good with getting the weekly total down. I really, really want to try to get it down to $100 or less every week, but I have a hard time passing up stockpiling deals sometimes even though the cupboards and freezer are far from empty. It's a constant challenge to stop myself from spending just because something is a great deal, but I'm trying to prioritize the list and make sure I get what we absolutely need only on some trips.

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  1. homebody Says:

    I am keeping track too. I'm the opposite of you though, we have been eating down our stockpile and our cupboards are looking bare (well to me anyway). I only have 2 furry friends and a large bag of Iams from Costco (for fat dogs) lasts them quite a while since they get 1 cup each a day (terriers).

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