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My 25

February 11th, 2009 at 04:22 pm

I enjoyed reading the other lists of 25 frugal things, so I came up with my own list:
1. I split my grocery shopping among 6 stores depending on sales at each. I don't go to all every week, but probably 3 or 4 each week and I won't go out of my way to go to any of them.
2. I spend 1/2 hour daily looking for coupons to use with sales.
3. I look for money on the ground when I'm walking into stores or if I'm waiting in line somewhere.
4. I bought clothes for my job interviews and part-time job at a thrift store.
5. I look for deals all year long for cheap or free gifts for birthdays and Christmas, but don't feel right being so cheap so I usually give something else I've spent money on also.
6. I rarely, if ever, order food out based on what I want to eat. I ALWAYS go by the price.
7. I have reused stamps that aren't cancelled from mail sent to me.
8. I have watered down skim milk on occasion.
9. I reuse coffee grounds, adding some more the 2nd day. (I don't even drink coffee, so I don't know if it tastes weird!)
10. I use address labels with DH's name spelled wrong, because they were sent to us free.
11. I complained about a check order with the wrong monogram letter on it, knowing they would send a new order for free and I could go ahead and use the incorrect order also.
12. I have returned an item purchased without a coupon and repurchased it with a coupon if I forgot the coupon the first time (only if it saves me more than a dollar or two)
13. I get excited when freebies come in the mail, even if it's just a single serving of cereal or popcorn or whatever.
14. I signed up as a mail decoy as a "side" job, even if it might earn me $20 for the year, if I'm lucky!
15. I ask people or stores for boxes, foam packing peanuts and bubble wrap when I need to ship something rather than buying it new.
16. I use my credit card as if it were a debit card, and subtract the amount of each purchase from my checking account register so I know the money is available to pay the bill at the end of each month. I gain lots of rewards points that way.
17. I have opened bank accounts and credit cards just for the signup bonuses offered initially.
18. I call and question any extra charges on credit cards or other bills to make sure they are legitimate. I have had late charges forgiven, interest rates dropped, and billing errors adjusted with nearly every call.
19. When I'm buying merchandise and I'm not sure if I really need X or Y, I will buy both and return whichever isn't needed or wanted. It saves gas money running back to get the item left behind, and I know I'll be back to the store anyhow for something in the near future. This applies most often to auto or equipment parts.
20. I don't think many of my friends know how frugal I am, although it would probably hurt my feelings if they talked about how cheap I am behind my back. Maybe they do know!
21. I have price limits on almost anything worked out it my mind. I will not pay more than $25 for jeans, ever. Apples can't be more than .99/pound. Shampoo or conditioner is $1 max, and I would have to be completely out of free samples and any other supply to do that since I have gotten it countless times for free. Razors, toothbrushes, and toothpaste also fall into the free-or-go-without category. Cereal is only worth $1 to me at the absolute max. I've gotten too many boxes for less with coupons to ever consider paying more.
22. Designer clothes do not impress me, since I wouldn't know a $1000 suit from a $100 suit. If I like it, I wear it, period.
23. I would rather go to a store and buy a pack of gum and get cash back, instead of paying fees at another bank's ATM to get my own money out.
24. I only allow myself one or two magazine subscriptions a year, and only if they cost $10 or less. I get many, many magazines recycled from the library to supplement my reading habit.
25. I have never bought a new car.

4 Responses to “My 25”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    Thanks, I enjoyed your list!!

  2. LuxLiving Says:

    I've done most all of these.

  3. whitestripe Says:

    wow nice list! i have done a few of these, except being a coffee lover i could NEVER reuse coffee!

  4. ceejay74 Says:

    Great list! You make my thrifty habits look really half-assed though! Wink

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