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28.8 more acres

February 7th, 2009 at 04:26 am

Well, it's done! In some of the worst timing imaginable (not long after I lost my job), a piece of property right next to a piece we own and next to a large area we are leasing came up for sale. DH really, REALLY wanted it and could not rest until we bought it. So, today we did.

Now, I shouldn't make it sound like he forced me to buy into it. I wasn't really "against" buying it since I know the price is fantastic and land is never a bad investment in my opinion. It just wasn't the greatest timing. Our bank wouldn't loan the money, so we put $5k down and got the owner to finance the rest for 15 years, at least on paper. In reality, we told her we will work to get financing elsewhere when the economy improves.

So, the job hunt is still in full force, and with even more incentive than before, if that's possible! I do have a 2nd interview on Monday, so things might be looking up. Plus, I've been told that the company checked my references, and at least one of the referrals gave a glowing reference, so I'm keeping fingers crossed!!

In other financial news, I ran into the same credit card situation as nomorecredit (

Text is and Link is My card with a $20K balance on it suddenly jumped from 5.4% to 14.99%, and my minimum payment went to almost $500 a month. I called, and sure enough, I had missed opting out of something they sent. So I went ahead and opted out, to get my lower rate back, and to have the card cancel at the expiration date. I don't want to do business with a company that works that way anyhow. I just wish I could have some nice windfall and pay off the card in one big chunk. Once I get a job, it will be my #1 focus, that's for sure.

And, last but not least, I found a penny today at a store, but I put it in the penny cup. My reward? Later, I found a dime on the ground at the gas station. LOL

2 Responses to “28.8 more acres”

  1. swanson719 Says:

    Good job on getting the interest rate back down. Why not just cancel all three cards? It might hurt your credit score a little now, but JS and I have never had CC's, and ours are both in the mid 700's, so it can't do that much damage.

  2. lizajane Says:

    I don't think I'd feel comfortable canceling them entirely. I guess it's like having a security blanket - just in case, although I have NO plans to use them again. When we ever get these paid off, I hope to NEVER carry a balance again on a card. Maybe I'll consider it then, if they haven't already closed them on me due to lack of use (new spending).

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