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Took a break and "found" $5

January 30th, 2009 at 02:24 am

Okay, my last two blog entries were rather whiny so I took a little break. I've been reading and commenting but really didn't have anything of my own to write.

Now I do. My last paycheck from my job that ended in December came through. It will pay our bills through the middle of February. We've got some money in the EF to tap into, and I have income from the part-time job. Hopefully we can squeak by into March. I think we'll have to drop health insurance, which will reduce spending by just over $900/month. Cobra isn't an option, since I've been self-employed for years. DH will be covered, or at least sort of, with the VA. We always kept his insurance up anyhow, just because he has a lot of health problems, and we don't want to run into something they won't help with. Plus, he really doesn't want to deal with a VA hospital. I think there is some type of insurance available from the part-time job, so I need to check into the cost of that. Should have done it already. I'm anxiously waiting to hear the hiring results from a job interview I did a few weeks ago. I recently found and applied for 2 more jobs in the area that fit my skills also, so I hope something will come thru from one of them. In a normal job market, I'd think my odds were pretty good of getting 1 of the 3 jobs. In this market, I don't even know WHAT to think!

In other news, I bought dog food at Walmart today. I had two gift cards from the store that have been in my wallet for a long time, maybe even a year. I found them the other day when I dug around looking for something to scrape ice off my windshield. (They worked, although it was slow progress!) Anyhow, before I paid for my order, I tried using the cards. One had no balance, but the other one had $5. It barely made a dent in the price of the dog food, but five dollars is still five dollars!

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  1. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Found money is found money! Big Grin

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