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Sad day

December 29th, 2008 at 09:47 am

I'm very sad. Doctors gave the official diagnosis for my MIL yesterday, and she has cancer as we all thought. They couldn't say for certainty where without surgery but she doesn't want that. It's somewhere in the stomach, intestines, etc. She's opted not to do chemo, as it was just a 50/50 chance it would help anything. So far, she is not in pain, just nauseous (and has been for some time). I know some MILs are monsters-in-law, but not this woman. She is very sweet, very pleasant, and doesn't deserve this. (Not that anyone does, for that matter). But the nice people should not have to suffer.

7 Responses to “Sad day”

  1. Swimgirl Says:

    So sorry to hear the news. Please urge everyone to consider the options. I know someone who had a bleak diagnosis several years ago. The doctors told her she had a 5% chance to survive 5 years. The surgery cured it, and it's 9 years later.

    Again, so sorry.

  2. Ima saver Says:

    so sorry to hear that.

  3. Blue Eyes Says:

    I'm so sorry to hear that.

  4. momcents Says:

    Prayers for your family. So sorry to hear such sad news.

  5. NJDebbie Says:

    ((HUGS)) Your family will be in my prayers during this difficult time.

  6. Ms. Pearl Says:

    So sorry to hear this terrible news. I have a sweet mother in law too!

  7. fern Says:

    So sorry to hear that.

    My grandmother, at 89, also opted for no treatment when we learend that she had lung cancer. She moved in with my dad and they made her as comfortable as possible.

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