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Weekly grocery update and 51-week recap

December 21st, 2008 at 01:24 pm

I had very low coupon savings this week, just 8% overall. I don't mind at all because the overall dollar amount spent was low for us, just $84.

That brings my average for the past 51 weeks down to $134.67 per week. As I look back at the beginning of the year, my average the first month was $177.95. HOLY COW!!! I think I've done quite well knocking that average down. Of course, that makes me wonder, what did I do with the additional $2,200+ savings. It's actually in a savings account, in a round-about way. I didn't just add the money that I saved in coupons each week to the fund, but I stuck to a fairly routine method of saving all my coins, rebates, ebay sales, and automatic transfers to sock away a decent sized amount of money. So, I know it wasn't wasted on frivolous things, and I feel pretty good about it.

I haven't yet decided if I'll continue the same tracking method for 2009. The method I have set up is quite tedious, but I might keep going just to see if I can drop it even further. I'd like to get down to $120 or $125 a week. Even lower would be great, but our doggies eat a lot and I can't see the cost on food for humans or dogs going down.

2 Responses to “Weekly grocery update and 51-week recap”

  1. Ms. Pearl Says:

    that's awesome! I have recently started to use coupons and they do make a difference!

  2. Petunia Says:

    You've done great! I'm planning to work a little harder at ratcheting down our grocery bill next year.

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