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I love my local discount grocery store

December 21st, 2008 at 10:10 am

I made a quick trip to my local discount grocery store yesterday. It's not a chain like Aldi's, just an independent store. It might not be entirely independent, as I believe it's somehow affiliated with 2 others further away, but I digress.

Along with some other items, I was able to stock up on:
bacon, Wrights, 3lb package, $5.19
bread, Pepperidge Farms, 99c each
pigs in a blanket, no name, 2 or 3 lb package frozen, $1.59
snack sized ice cream bars, Blue Bunny, 15ct, $1

Now, I would not have bought some of these items at a regular grocery store, since I'm sure they would have been much higher, but if I were to compare prices just on these 4 items, I believe I saved at least $10 to $15 since I bought 4 loaves of bread and just one of each of the other items.

There are quite a few of these independent discount-type grocery stores around, but this one has the best prices. You do have to watch dates on some items too. The bacon is fine - sell by date isn't until next month. The bread is fresh, or at least fresh enough for me. I know their bread truck comes several times a week. The ice cream bars had a sell-by date from a year ago, but they taste just fine. since they are individual chocolate covered pieces, I'm sure I could tell by taste and appearance if they'd been thawed and refrozen. And, I didn't see a date on the pigs-in-a-blanket, but we cooked them last night and they were pretty good!

They sell dented canned items also. I am VERY careful about those, but I have bought things like soup for 25c a can. I know to avoid dented cans and obviously anything leaking, but I haven't really seen any like that since they are definitely not in business to put anyone in danger.

Milk and eggs are just as cheap, if not cheaper than other stores. Produce, while not a huge selection, is also cheaper than most others. In the summer, it's often locally grown produce.

I also know, from being told during prior purchases, that you can return something if it isn't "good". I've never had to do that.

2 Responses to “I love my local discount grocery store”

  1. Ms. Pearl Says:

    I sometimes find really good prices at our local (PRIVATE OWNED)grocery store. it isn't a discount store but they have great deals on produce and meat.

  2. fern Says:

    Pepperige Farm German Dark Wheat is my favorite bread. I bought it the other day at full price, which i try to avoid doing cus it's so darn expensive. $3.79!

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