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Refill now...

December 8th, 2008 at 09:01 am

One of my prescriptions expires this week on the 11th. I have notes all over the place to remind me to refill it before that date. Then next month I can call for a refill and it will be expired, but I know the doc will ok it if I make an appt. So that will give me one more month before I have to face an office visit bill. I sure wish I had insurance with a copay, instead of a nice big fat deductible. I'm nowhere close to reaching the deductible this year, or I'd go ahead & have the appointment. I'm fine, I know I'm fine, it's just medication I take every day, I hate that I have to pay $100+ for the office visit just to get an Rx refilled!

On the bright side, the pharmacy where I refill was an independent locally-owned place. A Walgreens opened in our town and they wisely (?) closed their pharmacy and all moved into the Walgreens pharmacy. I don't know how that will affect the services they used to have or what that will do to my price (they were cheaper than Wags before), but I will earn a $25 gift card for switching my prescription over to them, even if the switching was forced.

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