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Bling! Went the Strings of my Heart

November 30th, 2008 at 02:44 am

That was the title on one of the pages in a ad in Oprah's magazine. The ad spread over several pages and included a lot of gorgeous jewelry ranging from hundreds of dollars to...drum roll please...$157,984! That is not a typo.

SNAP!!! That's what the strings of my heart would do if DH ever even THOUGHT about spending a fraction of that on jewelry! SNAP, CRACKLE and POP - I would have a coronary!!!

I think if you were considering a samsclub membership, the $25 fee would make sense if you are in the market for an item like this. (in reference to Diolla's post about membership fees) But, if you're in the market for an item like this, are you really shopping for it at Sam's club? That's not the market I thought they usually targeted, but maybe I'm wrong.

Would you buy it and just walk out of the store with it, and not be really, really nervous?! Oh, reading the fine print, I see it's only available online.

3 Responses to “Bling! Went the Strings of my Heart”

  1. Ms. Pearl Says:

    Very strange...I would never think of Sam's Club in relation to expensive jewelry. It was a really pretty ring though!

  2. fern Says:

    Membership is only $25 at Sam's Club? Rats. We don't have one near me, but i did just join Costco, where membership is $50.

  3. lizajane Says:

    You know, I'm not really sure what membership costs. It was $25 some 10-15 years ago when I belonged. I just thought that's what someone else said in a different posting. LOL

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