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Big OOPS with Walgreens

November 21st, 2008 at 09:42 pm

I participate almost every month in the Walgreens easy saver rebates, especially with the items that are free after rebates. I have the rebates credited to a gift card. Back in September, I noticed the gift card wasn't scanning, so they always had to punch in the numbers by hand, so once I used up all the money I threw out the card and had the September rebates credited to a new card.

When I applied for the October rebates, I forgot to change the gift card number for them to credit, so my $42.86 went to the card I'd thrown away! It took 3 phone calls on Sunday to get the right department on the phone, and all they could do is "put in a supervisor request" to switch the money over. Five days later (today), I checked and the balance has still not been transfered. They put in a new supervisor request, and would ask for it to be expedited....which could take another 3-4 days! Expedited, my A$$!!!

In other news, since it's been a few days, my interview went well earlier in the week.

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  1. fern Says:

    I'm like you; nearly every month, i make a point to take advantage of the free-after-rebates. It's like a little Christmas or birthday present to myself, every month of the year.

    the good thing is, i see Walgreen's now lets you submit your rebate form online, which is SO much easier. SAves me a stamp, too.

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