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Random thoughts...yada, yada, yada

November 13th, 2008 at 07:19 pm

Nothing much or exciting to report. DH had a VA appointment yesterday, which is about a 3 hour trip for us. For the first time EVER, the mileage reimbusement actually PAID for our gas and we had some cash leftover to buy lunch. The difference is we were able to drive one of our vehicles that gets decent gas mileage, plus the cost of gas has gone down of course.

We spent an extra $10 at a flea market on the way home too, some as an "investment" in items to list on ebay.

I have to refund 2 ebayers for items that arrived in unsatisfactory condition - one broken and one not working as planned (which I didn't realize when I listed it). I didn't make either person ship their item back, since they would be of no use to me. I should recoup insurance on the broken item, at least.

On the job front, I get to start figuring out how to transition what I know to others on our team so they can take over when I'm out of a job. Is it an option to refuse? Dear boss, you created this situation, you're on your own after I leave. I ain't sharing nothin'!!! Ah, only in my dreams. I'll be a good girl, and tell all, or at least almost all (*wink*).

2 Responses to “Random thoughts...yada, yada, yada”

  1. Ms. Pearl Says:

    Interesting. Do you have another job lined up?

  2. lizajane Says:

    No job lined up yet. We will be in deep, deep financial trouble if I don't find something substantial, so it's scary. But for some reason, I'm fairly calm about it. I have this feeling that things will work out, which is bizarre because I don't really know how that will happen. I can't decide if it's blind faith or denial!!

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